Stylish Types Of Macrame Bracelet Patterns

Published: 09th September 2011
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Macrame is a method of textile weaving using knots, that was utilized for the first time during the 13th century among the Arabian weavers. Originally it started as a method of keeping towels, shawls and bed sheets from coming apart but nowadays, there's an entire hand loomed fabrics created totally from macramé. Its main type of knots is the square knots. As for macrame bracelet patterns, the rectangle knot is the simplest to use and of course, the most well-liked. Although the correct origin of macramé bracelets is not sure, today, they are common with the old and the young alike, the western and the eastern, and among men and women at the same time. In other words, they are common with both sexes and all categories of age, and race you can think of. Macramé bracelet models are of many kinds and designs, ensuring that people with different preferences can mingle them with their outfits. This article discusses few of the most popular macramé bracelet patterns and how you can make your personal fashionable macramé, so read on and see what would suit you the best.

The square knot, frequently referred to as the reef knot or put simply, the binding knot, was invented to secure a particular object through a rope or thread. It is a rather simple procedure by using the 'right over left and left over right' method of bringing two ropes together. It is known by many as a very firm knot that usually can only be undone by it being cut. If your special macramé bracelet model includes decorative things like shells, beads or other small adornments, it is doable to put it all together applying this kind of knot. Many other knots that can be used for a highly exquisite macramé bracelet pattern include Surgeon's knot, Shoelace knots, thief knot, Grief knot and the famous Granny knot.

Lots of the knots necessitate many hours of practice. Also, it is imperative to utilize thick cords of diverse colors and drawing pins. When you have mastered no less than 2 types of knots and have decided for a macrame bracelet configuration that you are proud of, it's time to begin working. The patterns depicted with sea-shells will never go out of style. The rectangular knot can be used to secure the selected shells, you have the option of drilling a hole through the chosen shell and attaching a cord. This is recognized to be the simpler way of doing things, but it does make the entire macramé experience not as unique. as if you used more complicated ways

As for micro-macramé bracelet configurations, you must use strings that are about 2 mm in thickness, and arm yourself with lots of ability and patience. Micro-macramé is one of the most well-liked kinds of handiwork, due to the monotonous work they need. Some of the macramé bracelet patterns in style include rainbow macramé's, which are created with cords of a series of vivid nuances and fit the reggae fashion, double hitch macramé’s, metallic bracelets that incorporate metal beads or spikes enclosed between thread knots, triangle bracelets, spiral and circular bracelets - all created by tying the exact nuances of strings with the right knots.

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